Non stop commercial success at Cantiere delle Marche: the sale of Project 125.23, M/Y Aurelia 29, confirms the absolute leadership of Cantiere delle Marche in their segment of the yachting market. More information on the other sales will be delivered shortly.

Building yachts able to provide their owners wonderful experiences starts with a full understanding of the experiences the owners wish to live with their yacht. This is what CdM always does.

CdM is glad to present M/Y Aurelia 29, a 40-metre steel/aluminium displacement yacht, that is due to be delivered to her owner in mid 2020. She is a one-off project that perfectly incorporates CdM's philosophy which moves constantly forward studying and developing new concepts cohesive to the yard's vision.

Aurelia 29 has been commissioned by a repeated owner who enjoyed very much both his Darwin Class 102 M/Y Galego and the experience of building a yacht with the CdM's team.

In his words: “Building a yacht at Cantiere delle Marche is like living a perfectly planned adventure with your best friends. The atmosphere around the project, the attention to even the smaller details and the dedication of every single member of the team are just incredible. My partner and I, after the delivery of our beloved Galego, often thought that we were really missing those days in Ancona with our friends at the yard. Ennio, Vasco and Bruno are really managing the shipyard at the best and you never feel alone during the whole process.”

The project, which bring the signature of Hydro Tec for both exterior lines and engineering, began with the pre-requisite to allowing a young couple fond of art, design, classic cars but also fitness and active life ashore to pursue their passions even when on vacation aboard their yacht.

On this basis, project Aurelia 29 – the name is an explicit homage to the timeless Lancia Aurelia and the date on which both contracts of Galego and Aurelia have been signed - encompasses a wealth of amenities in her sculptured and graceful lines, several toys, bicycles, an 8-metre tender and extremely generous exterior areas. Aurelia will be a yacht for all seasons that perfectly fits both in a Côte d'Azur bay or marina and in a secluded fjord of the Strait of Magellan. The shipyard will present fully this new model and range on May, when details about its very innovative features will be disclosed worldwide. Interior design, distinguishing style and decoration are high on the owners' requests list of priorities. No item on board Aurelia will be merely fashionable or trendy as the owners asked a pure elegance throughout her interiors with special attention to timeless design. One of the main request of the interior design's brief was: “ nothing should look as brand new or like a trendy top class furniture's show room.”

As building a luxury yacht at Cantiere delle Marche is not about show off but it is always about ingrained quality, long-distance cruising capabilities, seaworthiness, over engineered equipment are among Aurelia 29's valuable characteristics.

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