The horizons
of endless exploration

With the Evolution of the Species, Charles Darwin theorized that all species survive and thrive through evolution. Cantiere delle Marche has embraced this notion, channeling it in their inaugural product line: the Darwin Class.

The explorer yachts of the Darwin Class epitomize the maximum level of adaptability to Owners’requests. This line’s resounding success can be attributed, in no small part, to its exceptional adaptability, combined with unrivalled design and technical characteristics.

Since the shipyard establishment, a total of thirteen Darwins ranging from 86 to 115 feet have been delivered and sailed to the most remote areas of the world. Robust, reliable, the Darwins are the archetype of explorer yachts.

Yacht Features

Engine room

The engine room serves as the beating heart of the Darwin Class, embodying the principles of spaciousness, functionality, ease of maintenance, durability, and cleanliness in every aspect. The generous interior dimensions, combined with a meticulously designed layout for each piece of machinery, ensure effortless maintenance.

From the use of Cupro Nickel piping to the integration of remote-controlled valves and parallel automatic generators, every component within the engine room adheres to the same stringent standards typically reserved for much larger vessels. Moreover, our water treatment systems, including black and grey water as well as bilge sludge treatment, incorporate proven technologies employed on high-intensity, 24/7 operating mercantile ships.


The hull is built with steel grade A and the superstructure in light aluminum 5083, a combination that lowers the centre of gravity of the vessel increasing safety and stability. The thickness of the steel plates at the bottom of the hull is 12 mm, exceeding the requirements of standard classification.


The Darwin Class offers a versatile space that caters to the Owner's preferences during their sea adventures. Whether the Owner is an avid diver, a dedicated fisherman, or a water sports enthusiast, the lazarette can be customized with the necessary equipment and machinery to optimize the Owner's chosen activity.Our meticulous engineering ensures that the storage area remains organized, tidy, and keeps the Owner's belongings secure even in challenging sea conditions. Alternatively, for those moments when the Owner simply wishes to bask in the sea's beauty, the lazarette can be effortlessly transformed into a well-appointed laundry and storage space.

Sun deck

We believe that beauty and performance are inseparable values that together enable the ship- owner to enjoy the very best sensations every minute of his life a board. The Sun Deck of the Darwin Class is superior in size to those on other vessels of a corresponding length, a true deck on which one can relax, have lunch, sunbathe, train or simply entertain a number of guests for a cocktail or party aboard.

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Voyages to distant horizons: sailing to remote shores with Cantiere delle Marche’s explorer yachts.




Once again, the joint effort between a shipyard with an amazing vision of the market and its customer’s needs, and a clever design engineering is proving to be a winning formula!

After having presented the new Darwin 90 and 115 in Cannes, how would you position this Darwin 107’ in the range?
The new Darwin 107’is quite close to the 115’ in terms of length. The design has started from the specific requirement of the Client, a very expert and knowledgeable yacht man, who has asked us a very family oriented version of the Darwin Class also considering that the crew is virtually part of the family, after so many years working for the same Principal. Obviously the aesthetic choices and design details of this Darwin 107’ are completely in line with what I defined in the last issue of this newsletter as the Darwin 2.0: the first real refreshing of this range since the launch of the Darwin 86 three years ago.

Let’s go deeper into the Darwin 107’ design.
The 107' represents a very clever compromise as far as the technical contents, the volume and the price are concerned. There is no doubt that it is ‘a lot of boat’ for the size and its intrinsical contents are definitely the highest possible on the market today. It is based on a new naval platform, with width and length of construcion significatevely incremented if compared to the previous yachts delivered by CdM. The waterlines, even if based on the previous succesful experiences, have been optimized with Final Element Analysis in cooperation with the Marin Dutch Institute, granting to the owner the best efficiency, seaworthiness and performance in all conditions. This is of paramount importance importance, keeping in mind that this Vessel will cruise up to the North West Passage and the guests will be onboard for many days also during long passages. As I said before when presenting the Darwin 90 and 115, the refresh of the design it is evident looking at this yachts, but at the same time it is very difficult to recognize it in its single elements: The 107’ is in all respects a Darwin Class at first sight.

What would you identify as the strengths of the Darwin 107’?
As far as we have realized working side by side with the owner, its captain and the staff at CdM, the main peculiarities of this design are the simplicity of the basics of the engineering of this project (which doesn’t mean a simple project…) which has been thought as usual for the Darwins to be hyper reliable, and the extreme personalization and customization of the details in order to satisfy in full the owner’s needs together with the ones of his crew. In any case, it is very important to stress that this platform, for its characteristics, it is very flexible and it adapts perfectly to many different needs: this is why – at the moment – it is already used by the shipyard for different commercial proposals.

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