Official data confirm the absolute leadership of Cantiere delle Marche in its segment.

2018 is an important year for Cantiere delle Marche in many ways. Founded in 2010 by Ennio Cecchini, Gabriele Virgili and Vasco Buonpensiere, the Ancona based shipyard specialized in the construction of explorer yachts continues on its splendid growth path. Results achieved thanks to the management commitment represent a resounding success. The Global Order Book 2018 states that Cantiere delle Marche, only 8 years after its debut into the yachting market, made its entrance in the top 20 yacht builders worldwide joining the most renowned and blazoned yards.

With 10 yachts between 31 and 43 metres under construction, Cantiere delle Marche is building 18.9% of the explorer vessels' entire production worldwide no matters size and construction materials of the yacht.

Narrowing down to the 100-140 feet segment in steel and aluminium, Cantiere delle Marche is building an astonishing 58.8% of all explorer vessels currently under construction worldwide.

In a few words, in less than a decade, Cantiere delle Marche overthrew its direct competitors, even the Northern European ones, acquiring an undisputed leading position. The Ancona based yard, a David compared to the Goliaths among the international yacht builders, is able today to build almost 60% of the entire production of explorer vessels: this means that 6 out of 10 explorer vessels in steel and aluminium between 100 and 140 feet are built by Cantiere delle Marche.

Widening our analysis to all displacement and semi-displacement yachts under construction between 100 and 140 feet not in direct competition with Cantiere delle Marche's as for typology and construction materials, Cantiere delle Marche places 3rd worldwide right behind the two world leaders (Azimut-Benetti and Ferretti Group). It is worth remembering that the two above mentioned groups, taken together, have around 200 years of history and a turnover of nearly one billion Euros.

Cantiere delle Marche's chairman and majority shareholder Gabriele Virgili says: “The Global Order Book 2018 witnesses 8 years of commercial success achieved thanks to the passion and commitment of a skilled and motivated team. Thes e extraordinary people allow us to build and sell extraodinary pieces of engineering, ingenuity and creativeness that benefit of global appreciation. Tha nks to them and to our committed and passionate management, Cantiere delle Marche has a solid double-digit growth and its production is growing in both f igures and quality. We are also improving our facilities and work environment. As for today our order book spans to 2021 and we are always focused on new projects, quality improvement and we look at our future with hope and commitment, our Mantra being: we don't want to grow in size but in quality. Through out the years the shareholders are more and more satisfied with the company's profitability.”

In Ennio Cecchini – Cantiere delle Marche's CEO and shareholder – words: “When we started this worderful adventure, in 2010, the hardest time for our industry, we saw that a new generation of yacht owners looked for over engineered and reliable yachts built to the highest standards. Sustainability and exclusivity had become key words. Being aware of these inputs arriving from the market we focused on a segment of the market composed by experienced and passionate owners who couldn't find what they looked for. We caught their attention and appreciation. We have indeed created – and fill – a niche which became progressively a trend. Nowadays, we benefit from being the first movers in the explorer vessel segment and are moving forward to explore new unexplored frontiers.”

Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and Sales and Marketing Director, adds: “No need to further comment data reported by the Global Order Book: they speak for themselves (especially if a nalysed and run by an objective third party). They report a splendid commercial and industrial growth built with commitment, knowledge and great understanding of the yachting market. I am proud to say that we have shown the yachting world that our fastidious attention to values and products alongside great ingenuity and originality going hand in hand with the market which deeply changed in th ese last 10 years, sometime anticipating it, rewarded us with results that meet and even exceed our expectations.”