Darwin Class 107
Barca Dell'Anno 2015

It’s the umpteenth award for Cantiere delle Marche, world leader on the steel and aluminum displacement yacht market, which was awarded the coveted “Boat of the Year” for its Explorer Yacht Darwin Class 107’ in the superyacht category.

This year, the Boat of the Year 2015 Awards sponsored by Vela e Motore (Sail and Motor) saw thirty-five finalists spread out among seven divisions. For the past thirteen years, Vela e Motore Magazine has been assigning this award to new boats, nominated by shipyards and judged by a technical jury; the event was organized in collaboration with Ucina Confindustria Nautica and the award ceremony took place on 2nd October at the Teatro del Mare of the 55th International Boat Show of Genoa.

Here is what motivated the panel of judges to choose the Darwin Class 107 to be the recipient of “Boat of the Year 2015” : “It is plain to see that the large boat sector is experiencing a very exciting this moment. The shipyards have energetically started investing again in research and in quality and the market is rewarding them by bringing an ever more demanding and well-informed clientele to the Made in Italy product. Cantiere delle Marche is one of the youngest players in the field of large yachts, but as can be quickly understood, it is backed by the passion of its management which has huge and solid experience in the sector. The brief history of this brand is quite surprising, in that it has managed to distinguish itself in a segment which, although in a rapid growth surge, is one in which it faces tough competition from big players who are producing yachts with excellent features and full of new and fascinating solutions. What makes CDM stand out even more is the size category it has chosen to play out this match; the 100’ is certainly not an easy one. It’s a huge challenge because the “typical ship owner” of an Explorer yacht of this size expects the seaworthy qualities and comfort of the big yacht condensed into a boat that is compact, reliable, highly autonomous, easy to manage and, for its class, with relatively modest operation costs. We could borrow the term used by a famous northern European shipbuilder to define the best results achieved with these features as true POCKET SUPERYACHTS. In touring the Darwin 107, one not only appreciates the balance evident in the external volumes, the welcoming feel of the interior spaces, and the choices which simplify and render enjoyable life spent on board for long periods of time, but fully grasps the degree of rationality and easy accessibility such a complex machine that is this recreational vessel: the pure order that is seen and felt in the technical departments and in the maneuvering areas, and the linearity of the systems impart a sense of professionalism and safety that make one dare to aim for out-of-the-ordinary destinations. In conclusion, the method adopted by CDM to offer an alluring and winning yacht could seem banal, but is anything but; the concept of simplicity applied to each and every possible solution is what we consider to be this vessel’s greatest strength.”

The year 2015 has certainly been a special one for Cantiere delle Marche: three superyachts delivered, an unprecedented success at the Cannes Boat Show, and two sales of over-100’ boats in the last three weeks. These are just a few of the signs of the success so well-earned by the managers and owners of this shipyard. And, if that weren’t enough, the Darwin Class 107 is also one of the finalists at the International Superyacht Society Awards, along with two other CDM Explorer Yachts, the Darwin Class 102’ M/Y ACALA and the Darwin Class 86’ M/Y Stella del Nord; the awards ceremony will be held at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show this coming November. © Foto by www.velaemotore.it

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