Mimi la Sardine, Nauta Air 110 bringing the signature of Nauta Yachts for both her exterior and interior design, won the prestigious Design & Innovation Award 2019 receiving the prize for Best Interior Design in the category Motor Yachts below 299GT.

The yacht, a pure explorer vessel, combines Nauta Yachts' ineffable design elegance to Cantiere delle Marche's undisputed technical expertise.

A special tribute must be paid to the Owner, Maxine Leslau, whose enthusiasm, charisma, knowledge of design, materials and manufacturers, were pivotal to the extraordinary result. Her exquisite taste and capability to share her vision helped create Mimì la Sardine's unique interior design and decoration.

We are very proud of this important acknowledgement that confirms Cantiere delle Marche’s commitment in the construction of state-of-the-art explorer yachts.

Here below the Judges point of view:

"The judges were impressed by a well-presented design development package from renderings to finished photos that showed how the client was involved in the creation of a very personal family boat working from a semi-production platform. Documents highlighted the yacht’s mission as a vessel on which the family could re-connect. The design team also took into account the family’s request for long-term autonomy in all-important elements such as storage and extra refrigeration, not easy to accomplish in a 33 metre. Design elements to support the prime directives of relaxation, a contemporary beach house vibe and use of natural materials are consistent throughout the interior spaces. The treatment of oak to mimic the look of driftwood is particularly effective and pleasing. A sense of lightness was achieved through large windows and a lack of visual weight came courtesy of spare, contemporary furnishings and sisal area rugs, while the saloon fun factor was enhanced through use of random slits in the planked wood overheads to cleverly mimic light filtering through trees as the ambient light source.”