A true company-man

In a process of growth and consolidation, Cantiere delle Marche hired a highly skilled and experienced manager, Gianfranco Caltabiano who assumed the position of Chief Financial Officer. Caltabiano has a long experience in the yachting industry having worked from 1991 for one of the biggest yachting groups worldwide where he played different managing roles among which the Group’s Financial Director and CFO of one of their top shipyards.

His experience is of crucial importance as he is responsible for managing and addressing the financial actions of Cantiere delle Marche in a phase of expansion of its production. Caltabiano’s duties include financial planning and control while making the most of the company’s financial strengths. He is also in charge with detecting and analyzing its weaknesses, if any, in order to propose corrective actions. Since his arrival at Cantiere delle Marche he established a close and fruitful collaboration with the yard’s top management. Talking to Caltabiano you realize immediately that he is a true company-man who quickly succeeded in making Cantiere delle Marche’s corporate culture his own. “From the first day, I’ve appreciated very much the friendly and collaborative atmosphere that reigns in the yard and worked in an integrated manner with the company’s founders and share-holders.”

“Gianfranco is a precious addition to Cantiere delle Marche top managers team,” says Ennio Cecchini, Cantiere delle Marche CEO. “He brought in his long and profound knowledge of the yachting industry, a knowledge that enables him to implement business plans for Cantiere delle Marche while aligning them with the ‘bigger picture’ of the company that we have built over the years.”

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