Five contracts in the first six weeks of the year! 2024 has started full steam ahead for Cantiere delle Marche.

Today, we are extremely glad to announce the sale of an RJ 102 to another Australian Owner. This is the fifth sale in the first 6 weeks of the year!!!

“This sale gives me the opportunity to underline our exceptional commercial success, a testament to the reputation we have meticulously built over the years through our team’s unwavering dedication to excellence. Despite a forecasted yachting market in the first two quarters of the year, we find ourselves propelled forward by a favorable wind. This year, our shipyard confirmed its position as the undisputed world leader in the construction of explorer yachts. It is crucial to emphasize that we build steel vessels, each meticulously tailored to the Owner’s specifications, setting us apart from mass-produced composite yachts,” Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and CEO of Cantiere delle Marche.

“We have been working relentlessly to expand our markets, anticipating the recognition from discerning and enthusiastic yacht owners from Australia. The opening of Cantiere delle Marche Australia proved to be a right move, and a successful one as we signed three contracts in less than a year!” affirms proudly Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and CEO of Cantiere delle Marche. “Our explorer yachts are indeed the ideal vessels for exploring and enjoying both coastal and extended journeys with unparalleled safety and comfort to discover the breathtaking coastlines and islands of Australia and Oceania as a whole.”

“We have always tried to foresee (and create) the trends in the yachting industry, listening with an open mind to our interlocutors whether it be Clients, brokers, designers. This is why, over the years, we introduced new lines of explorer yachts with different character and style, while retaining the same core values of robustness and reliability,” says Vasco. “All our ranges, Darwin Class, Nauta Air, Flexplorer, Deep Blue and RJ offer an extremely ample level of personalization. We might say that each yacht embodies the core concept of the line it belongs to, with each project custom-tailored to the Owner’s specifications. An example is the recently sold RJ 102 whose project has been expressly designed to meet the specific requests of such an important market for us, like the Australian one.”

The RJ 102 is the latest addition to the RJ family, developed in collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski.

As of today, we delivered an RJ 130, Nuri, and two RJ 115, Stellamar and Pazienza. Exteriors and interiors of these yachts have been designed by Paszkowski Design. An RJ 155, the line’s flagship currently in built at our facility in Ancona, will feature sophisticated interior envisioned by Achille Salvagni.

“When we stepped on board the RJ 115 Stellamar at the Cannes Yachting Festival, we were immediately impressed with the quality and workmanship of the build and knew that we wanted CdM to build a yacht for us” says the Owner of the RJ 102. “Vasco and his team have aided us through the design process at every step making it an enjoyable experience and we know that the finished product is bespoke to our joint vision.”

“Like the larger models of the RJ range, the design of the two-deck RJ 102 is especially focused on providing large alfresco areas to feel a close contact to the sea, with a pool surrounded by a sundeck area on the wide upper deck and on providing large toy storage,” says Francesco Paszkowski. “The RJ 102 recalls all the range main features such as an open-up stern with a wide stair to step on board, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living to allow a lot of natural light to flood into while overthrowing boundaries between exterior and interior, transparent gunwales on the upper deck which offer unrivalled panoramic views of the surrounding environment. The interior layout mirrors the owner wishes who liked to be involved and contributed to the existing team-work between our design firm and the boatyard.”

The RJ 102 profile is well-proportioned, sleek and elegant, underlined by an array of exquisite design details, from the sinuously curved stern to the slightly recessed windows, and the gently flared bow. The yacht will have a length over all of 31 metres and a beam of 7.25 metres. The Owner asked for a four guest cabins layout with a multi-functional room that can turn into a fifth guest cabin. Owners and guest spaces are spread over two decks with an immense, partially shaded Upper/wheelhouse deck where to enjoy all sort of en plein air activities. The yacht encourages indeed outdoor living and a glance at the layout reveals that the exterior areas take the lion’s share while cozy interior spaces, designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta, are meant to provide the utmost comfort to Owners and guests (We will release the first insights on the interiors as soon as possible).

“Developing a new model is always super exciting and we wish to thank the owners for this opportunity. The new RJ 102 perfectly suits owners looking for a true explorer, with beautiful lines, that can be run with little crew, a game changer in the Australia and the South Pacific region,” says Paul Miletta of Cantiere delle Marche Australia.

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