CdM Pre-owned
Sales Department


Since 2011 we delivered 13 Darwin Class vessels and we have been entrusted to resell successfully 11 of them.


Averagely, we have sold those vessels at an increased value of around 1.8%.


The average time between sale assignment and contract closing with a new owner has been of only 4.5 months.

Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) offers its esteemed clients an unparalleled and comprehensive 360° infrastructure that expertly guides them through every facet of the yachting journey - from the initial stages of designing and building to the eventual ownership of their dream explorer yacht. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to introduce the CdM’s Pre-owned Sales Department, an exclusive service meticulously tailored to cater to the distinctive needs of our clients.

The discerning connoisseurs of luxury yachts recognize that each vessel possesses its own unique personality and character, and this awareness forms the bedrock of our philosophy. At CdM, we are not only creators and builders of unique vessels but also their most intimate acquaintances. It is this unparalleled knowledge and understanding that prompted the inception of the CdM’s Pre-owned Sales Department. Drawing upon our unmatched expertise, we have created a dedicated team adept at orchestrating seamless transitions of ownership, ensuring that the flame of passion and enthusiasm is passed on from the original owner to the fortunate new one.

“CdM’s Pre-owned Sales Department is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to offering an exceptional experience rooted in trust, transparency, and technical prowess. We firmly believe that no entity comprehends a yacht’s intricacies better than its creator and builder. This belief stays at the base of our commitment to acting as guarantor of the resale process, a role we embrace with honor and pride,” says Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and CEO of CdM.

Every explorer yacht entering our Pre-owned sales Department undergoes a meticulous and rigorous assessment by our team of qualified experts. With attention to detail, we scrutinize the yacht’s machineries, equipment, all unique features that demand special maintenance or fine-tuning. A comprehensive survey is conducted, ensuring that the yacht is primed for its exciting new chapter with its future owner. Our service extends beyond the technical aspects; we accompany the new owner during the whole handover process, offering unwavering support and guidance.

Furthermore, we offer the exclusive turnkey service giving the opportunity for new owners to rejuvenate or fully refit their acquired vessel at CdM, a testament to our dedication to delivering a unique yachting experience. It is imperative to note that our Pre-owned sales Department exclusively manages explore yachts built by our shipyard. While we maintain a harmonious relationship with the global brokerage community, we distinguish ourselves by offering a level of service that transcend traditional brokerage.

Carlo Aquilanti, Sales Manager, in charge of the Pre-owned Department, says: “We are not brokers and we don’t want to be considered as such. We work in close cooperation with the worldwide brokerage community and we are very happy to support them in case one of their clients is looking for a boat with the specifications of the like of Cantiere delle Marche”.


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