Cantiere delle Marche
announces a new sale
of a Darwin Class 107’

Cantiere delle Marche announces a new sale of a 107’ Explorer Yacht Darwin Class and confirms its success with an average of one yacht sold every three months from the foundation of the Shipyard.

The Explorer Yacht’s standards totally match the Darwin Class’ technical features, designed and engineered by Hydro Tec/Sergio Cutolo: the extra-thick steel plates, the treatment systems for bilge, black and grey water used also on commercial ships for H24/365 work, the remote controlled valves, the automatic parallel device for gensets’ management, two independent rudders are only a few of the standard features which make the Darwin Class standing out since its presentation to the market.

The owner has requested a full customization: he and his family use to spend more than 120 days cruising, so he requested large spaces for the crew, a great attention to the engine room and the technical aspects of the yacht.

Vasco Buonpensiere, CdM’shareholder and sales director, comments:”The sale of this brand new 107’ is the first concrete result of the many negotiations we have started at the latest Cannes Boat Show. All our staff has did a great job, toghether with the owner and the captain of the new yacht: in only 6 weeks we defined the full technical spec. This will allow us to start the building process with no surprises because all the engineering has been defined at the highest level. He adds: “I would like to thank the owner and his captain for their commitment during these weeks and I also would like to thank our Technical Director Massimo Pietrini and all the CdM team: they have shown once again that the merging of knowledge, reliability, commitment and passion is the winning formula to achieve this kind of results”.

Continues Sergio Cutolo, designer of the Darwin Series:”From the styling point of view, the Darwin 107 includes all the updates that are already present in the Darwin 90’ and 115’ that were introduced at the Cannes Boat Show which include a more balanced longitudinal profile to get a more contemporary look, bigger windows and lower bulwarks to enhance the direct contact with the surrounding sea. On the technical aspects, the Darwin 107’ is a direct development of the smaller models but includes all the updates derived from the experience of four models already launched and thousands of miles at sea”.

With four units delivered and a backlog that sees the next deliveries already in 2016, Cantiere delle Marche looks at the future with certainty, maintaining a limited production (four deliveries per year), great attention to the client, detail and quality approach and – most of all – commitment and pragmatism.

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