A long journey
has begun

Voyages to distant horizons: sailing to remote shores with Cantiere delle Marche’s explorer yachts.

Embarking on a journey by ship has long held a romantic allure that beckons adventures and explorers to set sail for remote and uncharted destinations. Imagine the expanses of the open oceans stretching into infinity with their mesmerizingly vivid dawns and sunsets, the dance of the waves, a distant land on the horizon, a tantalizing glimpse of potential discovery. A journey to untouched beauty hidden in remote corners, reserved for the privileged few who chance upon them, undoubtedly represents an unforgettable and transformative experience.

You probably think that a proper and sizable ship is essential for venturing into distant places devoid of any assistance and possibility of provisioning. Your perspective on this matter is incorrect: numerous explorer yachts crafted by Cantiere delle Marche refute this notion, including some of the smallest ones we have built over the years. All of them boast meticulously engineered technical and design features that empower them to embark on uninterrupted oceanic journeys, ensuring unparalleled safety and comfort.

Let’s take a glimpse on what some of Cantiere delle Marche’s explorer yachts did in the past few years and what they are doing as we write these notes: